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Our Leadership

We are a diverse, multi-ethnic, and intergenerational leadership community of students, parents, and community members allied in our deep commitment to our Asian and Asian American youth, and shared vision in support of an inclusive and equitable Edina Public Schools (EPS) and city of Edina.

Our Committees

Our EAAA Committees spearhead, guide, and shape certain long-term projects and community engagements. Committees are comprised of a combination of EAAA Leadership and community members. For questions, comments, or concerns relating to a certain committee, feel free to reach out to

The Policy Committee oversees gathering and compiling community feedback related to EPS policies. Members of the EAAA Policy Committee Serve on the EPS District Equity Advisory Committee, where they have the opportunity to provide direct feedback to EPS Administration.

  • Isadora Li

  • Kelly Condit-Shrestha

  • Rakiya Sheikhosman

  • Sanjana Varadhan

Community Advisors

We are extremely thankful to our Community Advisors for their support, guidance, and wisdom, shared through their unique skillsets and longstanding experience in support of the Asian Edina and Asian Minnesota communities.

Our Friends

We stand in support, solidarity, and appreciation with our coalition of friends, community, and allies, in this shared journey toward racial and cultural inclusivity, and anti-racist systems changes.

Past Leadership

  • Louisa Darr: Founding Student Member; EHS Alumnus '22

  • Charito Torrenfranca-Darr: Founding Parent Member

  • Stella (Ranyee) Kim: Founding Parent Member

  • Manjusha Kondepudi: Founding Parent Member

  • Zoey Zou: Founding Parent Member

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